Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I'd like to be building (or rebuilding) a house for myself, but that's not an option right now, so instead I'm "building" a house for a character. It's an old farmhouse that hasn't been updated in about forty years, so  it's got the 1970s-1980s sage green and harvest gold color scheme. When I was shopping for my niece's graduation quilt, I struck out on the blue print I was looking for, but I found the fabric that's the background in this picture, and it reminded me of the kind of wallpaper that would have gone with the fictional kitchen's green/gold decor.

Then I started thinking that this character was (she's dead before the story starts) a gregarious person, always welcoming friends and strangers to her farm, so it would be fitting that she have pineapple motifs (a traditional symbol of hospitality) throughout her home.

The brass/pineapple welcome is something I've had for years, and it suits me, but I think Peggy would have had something larger on her front door. Maybe something like this brass door knocker, although I envision it as being larger, maybe twice this size.

Eventually, I'll make a lap quilt or table runner with the pineapple fabric, but I haven't figured out the design yet. For now, it's sitting on my monitor shelf, inspiring me.

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