Saturday, August 17, 2013

Scrappy princess shopping

Once upon a time, there was a Pastel Princess. She loved everything pastel, and she had just about everything that was pastel. Except for a quilt. She desperately needed a pastel quilt.

Her fake aunt made her that quilt, using a huge assortment of 1930s reproduction fabrics. The quilt went to the princess, who lived with it happily ever after.

The problem with fairy tales, though, is that you never get the real ending. In this case, after the quilt went to the princess, the quiltmaker was left with scraps of pastels, and the quiltmaker was the Queen of Jewels, with no dominion over pastels. So she made a table-topper quilt (24" square) with the left-overs (including the back, which is also pieced, so it's two quilts in one), and put it up for sale on Etsy, where everyone's royalty of some sort.

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