Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fresh start for September 2013

Primary WIP for September:
Brainstorm and write first 100 pages of a legal thriller about civil-asset forfeiture

Secondary WIP for September:
Non-fiction book: Financial Planning For Authors

Fun WIP (for mini vacations from more structured writing):
Victoria and the Vapors (Homage to Sherlock Holmes)

Status of other WIPs:
A Stinkin' Plot (cozy mystery, first draft completed)
A Monkey Wrench in the Works (cozy mystery, outlined)
Plowed Under (cozy mystery, outlined)
One Cat is Never Enough (post-apocalyptic cozy mystery series; 4 books in various stages of completion)
Arresting Amelia (vague idea for cozy mystery set at general aviation airport)
Legal Research for Authors (non-fiction book, outlined)
Contracts for Authors (non-fiction book, outlined)

ETA: I'm also working on a series of blog entries on estate planning for our stashes (collections of yarn, fabric, art, books, beads, Tardises, etc.)

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