Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More cranky

I haven't had a cute cat picture in the blog for a while, so here's Todd.

It's actually a writing-related picture too. See that pink sticky on the computer screen? "More cranky." And Todd has his cranky face on. Those were both critical to the writing I was doing.

Now, usually I don't have any trouble remembering to be cranky. It's my natural state. But at the time, I was working on the second draft of A Stinkin' Plot, and the protagonist is a hermit who doesn't interact well with people, so when she's forced to deal with them in person, not through the internet or an intermediary, she tends to be even more cranky than I am. (I at least try to keep my cranky thoughts to myself, while she says them out loud and unfiltered.) During revisions, I realized that she'd started out plenty cranky in the first few chapters, but about halfway through, she started being nice and caring about people's feelings. Which is admirable, but not at all who she is. So, during revisions I needed to make her "more cranky." Ergo, the sticky note and Todd's helpful cranky face.

Today is not the day for cranky. Nor tomorrow. I've got too much cooking and eating and laughing with friends to do. And Todd might, just might, get a kitty treat or two, which he loves but isn't usually allowed to have.

For the next 48 hours, Todd and I are going to concentrate on a new sticky note: "more joy."

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