Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Even shorter

Speaking of no longer writing short and pithy, there's a relatively new challenge for writers that would have been ideal for the old me, but not so much the new me: pitching stories via Twitter.

It's generally rude to directly pitch to an agent or editor via Twitter, but there are events, organized by extremely generous writers, where authors can Tweet a manuscript summary in 140 characters (including the relevant hashtag!), and agents can follow the hashtag if they wish.

I did a couple such events recently, and have to say it's a real challenge to come up with a Tweet-sized pitch. These are my best two attempts:

A Four-Patch of Trouble: "Cozy mystery: Antique quilts dealer is murdered. Quilt appraiser finds clues in the calico to ID killer, save accused quilter."

A Stinkin' Plot: "Cozy: Hermit techie inherits her aunt's garlic farm. Must get back to the land to bring in the harvest and solve her aunt's murder."

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