Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day!

I suspected I had a feral kitty living in my (unheated, dirt-floored) basement, and now I've got confirmation. You can see the tracks leaving the cantilevered space of an addition (which is to the left), heading out to the right of the picture, only to decide Do Not Want all this cold, deep stuff. Kitty turns around, and  tries a new path, hugging the side of the building, where the snow isn't as deep, and there's protection from the wind.

And then this is evidence of how I have the best neighbors on the planet. It's like 5 degrees out, with a wind chill well under zero, and my neighbor has used his snow blower to clear the sidewalk for about five hundred feet in front (and side -- I'm on a corner lot) of my house, AND to clear the parking lot where the plow can't get up close to my car, and then he made a path from their yard to my yard, so we can get back and forth to each other's house. Oh, and this past summer he replaced the fence you can see between our two back yards.

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