Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Binding anxiety

Therapists sometimes refer to the use of stress-coping tools as "binding anxiety." I take it a tad literally (as I do many things): binding off a knitting project or binding the edge of a quilt. At the moment, I'm anxious about a number of writing projects that are out on submission and that should get a response sometime in the next three weeks. I'm constantly checking my email, and every time time the phone rings, I wonder if the "unknown number" is actually from an editor or agent instead of the usual scammy telemarketer. My coping tool this week is binding quilts. I finished the hand-stitching of the binding on the teal table-topper above (left-over blocks from the teal album quilt pictured in December), and I've got another small quilt ready for binding over the next few days.

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