Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jazz paws

This is Jazz, who hardly ever gets pictured with my quilts, because she generally prefers to be under the quilts than on top of them. I had to life the edge of the quilt to take this picture.
This is the quilt Jazz was underneath. It's a lap quilt, using up some fabrics that no longer particularly appeal to me. I've spent the last two or three years going through my stash and making simple, quick quilts to be donated to charity, using my unwanted fabrics for a good purpose. I'm glad I did it; it felt good to be productive, and to be doing a good thing for others. Still, it's time for me to stop doing it now, and to work on some more complex and satisfying projects. Otherwise, I'll be making quilts I'm not particularly enthusiastic about forever (trust me -- my fabric stash will outlive me), instead of making the ones I'm passionate about. It's a little like what Anne Stuart (if I remember correctly) said about writing -- you have to love the book you're writing NOW, not the book you're going to write next, because otherwise you spend your whole career writing a book you don't love. I need to apply that advice to both my quilting and my writing.

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